The Importance of a Chiropractic Check Up

If you never went to the dentist, how would you know if you had a cavity? Would your tooth hurt? Maybe. Would you see a difference in the appearance of your teeth? Maybe. But maybe not. If you waited until you saw a difference or felt pain in your mouth then it could be too late for a simple filling and may require a more intensive procedure.

The same is true for many other parts of your health — including your spine and nervous system. You do not always feel pain or experience symptoms right away when there is a problem. By the time you feel something and there is degeneration in your spine, it is likely that the issue has been going on a lot longer than you realized.

Why your spine?

The only reason chiropractors care about your spine is because it houses your nervous system; the master controlling system of your body. Your nervous system, which consists of your brain and spinal cord, is brilliant and is capable of adapting to the forces and stresses we place on it. The problem comes when we overload the system and it cannot process all that we ask it to. It could result in headaches, back pain, an inability to focus or concentrate or any number of other symptoms. As pain is only felt by 10% of the system, you may not feel different at all, but there could be differences in the way your body functions.

Getting a check up

This is why a chiropractic check up is so important. Chiropractors look at the way your body is functioning, how your spine is moving and how you are adapting to the stress in your life. We do this through neurological, functional and orthopedic testing, as well as touching the spine to see how it moves. From there, recommendations can be made about having chiropractic adjustments, exercises and stretches and lifestyle habits that can help you to feel and function more optimally.

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