Chiropractic and the M25


One of our favourite examples of explaining your spine and nervous system is the M25. Yes, we’ve all heard of the M25, which acts to move traffic around London and disperse cars onto other motorways which go to the rest of the country. There can be traffic during rush hour which creates congestion and forces cars to move slowly or take a different route, getting to their destination less efficiently. If there is a road traffic accident, it doesn’t just affect the cars immediately surrounding the crash, it can affect the movement of cars (sometimes on both sides) for at least a few exits.

This is very similar to how the spine works. There are complex pathways of signals that allows communication to go from the brain, down the spine and out to all of the organs, tissues and cells in the body, including our arms and legs and then back up again. When there is a chiropractic subluxation (misalignment) in the spine it affects the signals going away from the brain, and also the signals going back up towards the brain. Things begin to function less efficiently and over time can create symptoms. Most people come into a chiropractor’s office because they have symptoms: back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc. When people get adjusted it removes the interference, restores the proper communication between the brain and body and we can start to see incredible things happen. Once the pathway is clear, your body can begin to heal. With each adjustment, the body will learn what positions and movements are best, and create new neural pathways for increasing
the communication and maximizing your potential. Most people report relatively early on that they feel light or free and their body begins to move easier.

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