What To Expect

Our aim…

is to help you connect the dots between the physical,chemical and emotional stresses you in your life, how your nervous system processes them and how they can affect you and your ability to experience and express life.

Your first visit.

We will take a complete health and stress history, looking into past and present issues that may be related to your presenting complaint. We will then do a thorough chiropractic examination including a range of neurological and postural assessments. This is a gentle examination, where everything will be explained to you before it is performed. If we need to, we will send you out for further imaging (x-rays or MRI). You will then be booked in for your report of findings, ideally the day after your initial consultation (or as soon as possible).

On your second visit.

This is called your report of findings. The chiropractor will have spent some time studying the information collected on your initial visit and will discuss with you what they found and if they can help. After you receive your report, if you wish to start care, you will be able to receive your first adjustment.


Your chiropractor will have likely recommended a series of adjustments to help you start to feel and function better. These visits usually do not take very long, as we spent a lot of time during the first two visits learning all about you. You may receive exercises, handouts or advice at these visits as well. Periodically you will have a re-exam to measure your progress.

What comes next?

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We have early morning and evening appointments for your convenience.

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We love to care for your friends and family and appreciate your referrals. We promise to take good care of the people you care for. New client vouchers are available by calling or visiting the office.