Winning At The Small Things

It’s the small, meaningful things that make a fabulous life. The things we can take control of and the things we can be grateful for everyday, that will make all the difference in our inner world. This in turn will allow us to project positive, loving thoughts into our outer world. An older couple I knew growing up always took a walk together after dinner, parlaying the quality time in their relationship with the exercise benefits of a brisk walk. I always drink coffee out of a beautiful coffee cup, as does my mom, and it’s one of the simple pleasures of my day. Spending time reading a fabulous book, or making sure to get your exercise in, eating a great breakfast, or having a glass of wine in the evenings by a fire — these are winning at the small things. Making a To-Do list and completing it, appreciating nature, having a conversation with an important person in your life, being fully present doing whatever you are doing = Winning. The more small wins we can accumulate in a day, the better our overall quality of life will be in the end. Make sure to focus on the good and be appreciative for everything in your life, add little wins wherever you can, and watch your life change.


What things do you purposely add into your life everyday that allow you to ‘Win at the Small Things’?


Lindsay McInnis